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Handmade Baby Shoes

Start their journey on the right foot.


• Soft Leather

• Made by Hand

• Each pair is unique

• Makes the perfect gift!

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About the Creator
Dikla Godesh

I grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel. My Father started a shoe company from nothing to a big success. He called it “Rozi Shoes” after our family name. He suffered through hard times, but with a lot of initiative, he continued and became the number one company in the market for many years. We produced Ladies shoes that were comfortable and lasted for many years. In the 1990’s, when competition from China began, it became harder and harder to stay profitable. My Dad decided, in early 2000, to close the business.

I worked at Rozi Shoes from 1982 - 1997 designing shoes. I got my education in shoe design in the Netherlands and completed my education as one of the top three students selected to show our designs at a very important show in Dusseldorf, Germany.

In 1997, I moved to Florida with my husband and three kids. I could not find work in my field and decided to change my profession. I always had the desire to create different products with leather, but shoes looked impossible to do without the proper machines that we had in the factory.

In 2016 I had a big inspiration - I became a Grandmother to a beautiful baby girl. I crossed the barriers and found the lost knowledge I had from the years I worked with my Dad.

Each pair of shoes are handmade with much love. I invite you to write your own blessing and good wishes or choose a saying of your choice. I will happily inscribe it on the baby shoe for you.

My intentions with Rozi Baby Shoes is to send a message of beauty and good wishes and to support the new parents in creating the future they want for themselves and their new baby.

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